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Flooring Installation in Florence, AZ

For over 32 years, Eagle Flooring Company in Florence has been serving this community and neighboring areas with affordable and high quality floor installation and bathroom remodeling services. We take pride in offering unparalleled quality that reflects our commitment to professionalism and excellence. If you’re looking for a top-notch flooring company, look no further!

If you’re looking for quality floor installation, look no further. With over three decades of experience and an expert team ready to tackle any project – from residential homes to large commercial spaces; carpeting to ceramic tile; hardwood floors to luxury vinyl planks – we have just the right solution for all your flooring needs. We also offer bathroom remodeling services so that you can complete the job with a style makeover! Our commitment is simple: provide outstanding craftsmanship in whatever task you need us for and deliver perfect results every time.

Here at Eagle Flooring Company in Florence, we go the extra mile for our customers. Our commitment to providing you with unparalleled service and satisfaction is paramount. We understand that flooring can be a major investment, so let us work hand-in-hand with you to create stunning floors tailored just for your space! Get in touch today and experience how our professional flooring services can help turn any room into something beautiful, functional and long lasting.

Our Flooring Services

Get professional craftsmanship and peace of mind with our licensed, bonded, and insured flooring installation services. Need help remodeling your bathroom? We can do that too!

For nearly four decades, Eagle Flooring Company has been making Florence Arizona homes beautiful with our extensive selection of flooring options. From classic hardwood to luxury vinyl plank, tile and laminate, we’ve got the perfect solution for your space! And not only that – if you’re looking for a bathroom makeover too, then let us provide all the services needed to help turn it into your dream room.

Everyone has distinct desires when it comes to flooring materials. At our store, we make sure that we get to know you and your preferences so that together we can find the perfect floor for your home. Are you looking for something durable and easy-to-clean in the kitchen? Or are soft carpets more suitable for the bedroom? Whatever type of flooring meets your needs, rest assured knowing that with us, there is always an option suited just right!

Choose the perfect flooring for your home, and our team of highly experienced professionals will take care of everything else. With over 3 decades in this field, we have perfected delivering flawless installations that are sure to satisfy you with your newly upgraded bathroom or floors! Our commitment is always towards providing client satisfaction through quality workmanship.

Upgrade your bathroom with our comprehensive remodeling services! We can take a dated, dingy space and turn it into an elegant oasis. From replacing fixtures to laying down new flooring or even giving the shower upgrade of its life – we have you covered every step of the way. Let us help you create a modern and stylish retreat right in your own home today.

If you’re looking to upgrade your floors or bathroom, look no further than Eagle Flooring Company in Florence. Our team is here to provide you with a free and stress-free consultation – so don’t hesitate reach out today!


Flooring Services



Tile Flooring

Tile flooring has become an increasingly popular choice for many due to its life-long durability, versatility, and simple maintenance. Ceramic tile is manufactured from clay, making it strong and resistant to moisture - perfect for those high traffic areas of your home or office. Porcelain is similarly constructed but with a more delicate look that can really draw the eye in when laid correctly. Glass tiles are becoming a go-to option for modern spaces as they offer up plenty of options when it comes to color palettes and designs; whereas marble, granite, and stone tiles imbue any space with timeless elegance befitting hotels around the world! If you're yearning to add a touch of sophistication and opulence to your space, marble, granite or stone tiling is the perfect option. With their natural beauty and versatility, these tiles can bring appeal as well as functionality into any room in your house or business.
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Hardwood Flooring

Homeowners consistently choose hardwood flooring for its timeless beauty and robustness. With several types of hardwood available, it's essential to become familiar with their distinct advantages and disadvantages. For example, solid wood flooring is created from a single piece of wood that can be sanded down multiple times throughout its lifespan while providing stability in rooms with high moisture levels or uneven subfloors would require engineered hardwood comprised of various layers of wood.If you're a DIYer looking for an effortless installation, snap-lock flooring is the perfect fit. Featuring no nails or glue required and available in a variety of styles and colors, it's a great choice for any home renovation project. If price is your priority, synthetic flooring offers an economical alternative that still looks like real wood. Regardless of which type of hardwood you select, these floors will add warmth and charm to your abode whilst increasing its value!
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Vinyl plank

Vinyl Plank Flooring

Vinyl plank flooring is a cost-effective, resilient and versatile choice for many homeowners and businesses. Its waterproof properties make it ideal for rooms with higher levels of moisture like kitchens, bathrooms or laundry areas. Additionally, vinyl plank flooring can withstand heavy foot traffic in high-traffic zones due to its scratch resistance feature; making it a great option that provides value and aesthetics to your home. Vinyl plank flooring offers an extensive variety of shades and styles, so you'll be sure to find the right selection that matches your home’s decor. Whether you're after a resilient yet practical choice or something lavish and chic, vinyl plank has all bases covered!
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Beyond its cozy and inviting feel, carpet offers much more than meets the eye. It is a superb insulating layer that can help keep your home warm in chillier months but cool during hot spells. More significantly, it also serves as a natural sound muffler, allowing for peaceful and relaxed surroundings even when there's noise around you. With such an extensive selection of colors, patterns, and textures available on the market today, finding one to match your unique style has never been easier! With a seemingly limitless array of carpet options, you can find the perfect one for any room in your home. Whether it be soft and luxurious to graciously outfit your bedroom or durable and stain-resistant for heavy traffic areas like living rooms, there is a carpet that will fit all of your needs!
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Laminate Flooring

Laminate flooring is an ideal choice for many homeowners and businesses, renowned for its strength, versatility, and budget-friendly cost. It's a breeze to put in place with glue-down, floating or click-lock methods – convenient whether you're tackling the job yourself or having it professionally installed. With so much to offer and such simplicity to install, laminate flooring remains one of the most popular options today! Laminate flooring is a practical and stylish choice for any home or business. Not only is it durable, affordable, and easy to clean with regular sweeping and occasional mopping; it also comes in an array of colors and styles so you can choose something that truly fits your personal aesthetic! If you're looking for a long-lasting, low maintenance solution that still looks stunning - laminate flooring might just be the perfect fit.
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Bathroom Remodeling

Rejuvenate the look, feel and usefulness of your bathroom by remodeling it. From swapping out tiles to altering the layout - there are countless ways you can modernize this space. To take matters up a notch, consider refreshing or amending your shower enclosure too! Whether that means refinishing surfaces or replacing fixtures - why not add further luxury with body jets or rain showerheads? Installing a walk-in shower not only makes your bathroom look more inviting and spacious, but will also increase the worth of your home. Regardless of what type of bathroom remodel you undertake, it can add functionality, pleasure and value to your residence.
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Eagle Flooring – Best FLooring Company in Florence, AZ

Why choose our Flooring Company?

Deciding which flooring company in Florence to go with is a complex decision-making process. You need to weigh several important factors, and ensure that you have conducted sufficient research about each one before making your final choice.

When evaluating a flooring company, the most pivotal factor to consider is their insurance coverage. This will guarantee that you are safeguarded should any mishaps happen during the set up process. In addition to this, customer reviews, work quality and completion time must also be thoroughly considered before making your decision!

Prior to scheduling an in-home estimate, you should inquire about the warranty. A reputable company will provide a comprehensive warranty that covers both materials and repairs – this is key for gauging their trustworthiness. Make sure to read through all of the details so you can make an informed decision on which company to select!

When selecting a flooring company, it is essential to ensure they have the right license. A reputable company will possess a specific permit for installing floors, guaranteeing an excellent standard of workmanship. Taking this precaution will safeguard you in the long run and help guarantee optimal results.

When selecting a flooring company for your home, make sure to choose one that provides extensive options in materials and colors. It is important to remember that the material you decide on will have an impact on the cost of your project.

Over three decades ago, Chris moved from Philadelphia to Phoenix with a burning ambition: to establish an organization that would provide stylish, durable and cost-effective flooring solutions. That desire spawned the birth of Eagle Flooring Company — a company unswervingly devoted to creating stunning yet affordable products for its customers.

Eagle Flooring Company started with a few flooring options like hardwood, laminate, vinyl, and carpet – all of which were extremely well-received by customers. This positive response allowed the company to rapidly expand its product range and services.

Eagle Flooring Company is the go-to provider for stylish flooring at an affordable price in Phoenix, San Tan Valley, Florence and more. Chris’ commitment has enabled this company to thrive as a leader of home and business flooring solutions; his dedication continues to be a driving force behind its growth. Not only does Eagle offer quality floors but also bathroom remodeling services so customers can turn their vision into reality.