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Flooring Installation in San Tan Valley, AZ

For over three decades, Eagle Flooring Company has been the trusted and experienced go-to for flooring installation in San Tan Valley, Arizona. With a reputation of providing superior quality services with professionalism as our top priority, we have served not only San Tan Valley but also surrounding communities.

If you’re searching for floor installation experts, look no further! Our team of talented specialists is here to provide all the skills and expertise necessary to meet your flooring needs. Whether it’s for a home or business renovation, we are well-versed in installing carpet, tile, hardwood, vinyl plank laminate and bathroom remodeling with years of experience under our belts. We guarantee that when you hire us to take care of your floors — they will be done right!

At Eagle Flooring Company in San Tan Valley, we are devoted to offering our customers the finest flooring services and customer satisfaction. We understand that investing in new floors is a major decision, therefore we have dedicated ourselves to helping you create an attractive yet durable space that meets all of your needs. Don’t hesitate – contact us today and let’s collaborate on designing the perfect floors for your home!

Our Flooring Services

Our installations are assured to be of the highest standard and conducted by certified flooring & tile contractors.

Make your home the talk of the town with Eagle Flooring Company in San Tan Valley! We have been providing superior flooring services to Arizona locals for over three decades, and we specialize in tile, hardwood, vinyl plank, laminate and carpet installation. Need an upgraded bathroom? Our experts are here for you too – just give us a call today!

At our store, we understand that everyone’s tastes in flooring are different. That’s why we take the time to work with each of our clients so they can find exactly what they are looking for. Are you searching for a resilient, low-maintenance option for your kitchen? Or do you prefer something cozy and plush like carpeting or area rug(s)for bedrooms? We carry it all – no matter what kind of atmosphere you desire!

After you have identified the flooring of your dreams, our team is here to take care of installation with ease. With 32+ years in the business, we are reliable and trusted when it comes to completing a job perfectly. We proudly express our pride for every project that leaves us delighted customers who receive outstanding service each time!

But wait, there’s more! We don’t just specialize in flooring services; we also offer complete bathroom renovation. Are you yearning for a modernized space? Let us help transform your bathroom into an area that is both practical and beautiful. From replacing fixtures to laying down new tiles and floors, our team of experts can handle all aspects of the remodeling process with ease.

Ready to modernize your floors or bathroom? Reach out to the experts at Eagle Flooring Company in San Tan Valley and get a free, no-obligation quote. With our professional flooring and bathroom remodeling services, we can help make your home stand out from the crowd! Don’t wait any longer – contact us today for all of your renovation needs.


Flooring Services



Tile Flooring

If you're looking for a practical, attractive flooring solution for your home or business, tile is the perfect option. Not only are tiles incredibly durable and resistant to moisture, but they come in an array of materials that can add unique character to any space - ceramic and porcelain made from clay; glass; marble; granite and stone. With so many choices available, it's easy to find exactly what you need! If you're looking to embody modernity and sophistication in your interior design, glass tiles are a perfect option. With an array of colors and patterns available, they effortlessly add panache to any room. For those who crave the luxurious look of natural materials such as marble, granite or stone tile; these options offer a timeless elegance that cannot be replicated with synthetic materials. Whatever type of tile you select for your space is sure to combine both beauty and function!
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Hardwood Flooring

Hardwood flooring is a go-to option for many homeowners thanks to its timeless beauty and strength. With so many different types of hardwood floors, you can find something that perfectly complements your décor. Solid wood flooring offers lasting quality; it's crafted from one solid piece of wood and can be sanded down and refinished repeatedly throughout the years. If stability is what you're looking for, engineered hardwood might be right up your alley—made with several layers of wood glued together, this type of floor is much less prone to warping than solid woods are. Snap-lock or synthetic options may also appeal to those who want ease in installation without sacrificing style! SAdd a touch of elegance and warmth to your living space with nap-lock flooring. This innovative floating design doesn't require glue or nails for installation, making it extremely convenient! Synthetic options are crafted from blended materials that can imitate the look of natural wood - so no matter which type you choose, you're guaranteed an exquisite finish.
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Vinyl plank

Vinyl Plank Flooring

Whether you're looking for a flooring solution that's budget-friendly, practical, or stylish - vinyl plank flooring is the answer. Not only does it possess watertight qualities making it perfect for areas with high moisture levels such as bathrooms and kitchens; but its scratch resistance and capacity to endure heavy foot traffic make it an ideal selection in highly active environments. On top of these advantageous features, homeowners can choose from a broad range of colors and designs including luxury vinyl planks which give off an alluring semblance to genuine wood or stone.With vinyl plank flooring, you have the choice of both practical and long-lasting durability or a lavish and luxurious design - whatever your preference may be.
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Carpet Flooring

Carpet is a quintessential flooring choice for many households and businesses, as it provides comfort and warmth. Furthermore, you can choose from an array of colors, materials like wool to polypropylene, and styles that have distinct benefits. Wool carpet stands out in particular due to its durability even in high foot traffic areas along with being resistant against stains. Additionally, nylon or polyester carpets are cost-effective yet durable alternatives for homeowners who want something long lasting without breaking the bank! If you're looking for a softer, more colorful flooring option for your bedroom or another low-traffic area of the house, acrylic and polypropylene carpets are ideal. Not only will these types of carpet hold up to fading better than their counterparts but they also bring an undeniable warmth and coziness that can't be matched by any other type of floor covering.
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Laminate Flooring

Laminate flooring offers homeowners and businesses a practical, durable, versatile, and cost-effective option. With its wide spectrum of colors and designs available in the market today, you can surely find one that best suits your needs perfectly! Even better? Laminate is easy to install with various methods such as glue down distressed gloss high pressure or direct pressure - meaning it's guaranteed hassle-free for you. So if you're looking for an economical yet resilient form of flooring solution – laminate should be on top of your list!
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Bathroom Remodeling

Transform the look and feel of your bathroom with a remodel! Shower renovations can involve refreshing surfaces, installing new fixtures, and adding modern features like body jets or rainfall showerheads. If you're looking for something truly special, consider upgrading to an open-concept walk-in shower for increased accessibility and an ultra chic aesthetic. Bathroom remodeling will make your space more beautiful while increasing its functionality - so don't hesitate to get started today! Whether you're thinking about a full-scale bathroom remodel or just some minor modifications, it can spruce up your home and make it more valuable. Not only that, the value of your property will steadily increase when renovations are made - giving you an edge over other homes in the area! Bathroom remodels also provide added functionality and enjoyment for years to come.
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floor installation in san tan valley az

Eagle Flooring – Best Flooring Company in San Tan Valley, AZ

Why choose our Flooring Company?

Are you in search of a reliable and dependable flooring installation company? Look no further than our flooring company in San Tan Valley! We are unparalleled compared to other companies; customers trust us for all their needs due to the several elements that make us stand out from the rest.

Honesty and reliability are the backbone of our company. We take pride in providing clear, precise facts to our customers about our products and services. As we strongly value truthfulness, you can always trust that we’ll be open and honest with you at all times.

Here at our company, not only can you trust us to be honest but we also bring years of invaluable flooring experience. Our team is well-versed in the installation process for tile, hardwood, vinyl plank, laminate and carpet floors; thus enabling us to provide top-notch services catered specifically to your needs. We have the skills and expertise needed so that you can rest assured knowing that your flooring project will come together perfectly!

There’s no need to break the bank when it comes to high-quality flooring services – that’s why our company is determined to provide affordable options. We’ve made sure there are a variety of choices available for everyone, regardless of budget constraints. Plus, we’ll do our best to find you an ideal solution without going over your limits; let us know what works with your finances and we’ll get right on it!

As a local, family-owned business in the San Tan Valley, Arizona area, we are proud to offer our customers personal and professional service. We understand that your investment is not only for flooring but also promoting and supporting your community. That’s why when you choose us as your partner in this endeavor, you can be sure that both of those goals will be fulfilled!

Are you looking for a trustworthy and professional flooring company in San Tan Valley? Look no further – our team of experienced professionals offer unparalleled service that is honest, affordable, and reliable. From cost-effective options to luxurious selections, we have the perfect flooring option available to meet your needs. Transform any room into something special by choosing us as your go-to provider; contact us today!

Floor Installation Services in San Tan Valley

If you’re looking to improve the floors in your living or workspace in San Tan Valley, then collaborating with a trustworthy flooring company is essential. Their expert installation team can provide you with stunning floors that are resilient and long-lasting, sure to add value and aesthetic appeal to any area.

From luxurious hardwood to contemporary tile, there are many flooring materials available for you to choose from. Each material has its own set of properties and advantages that will bring out the best in your space. With the help of an experienced flooring company, you can pick a product best suited for your needs and wants – with classic hardwood being one such choice! Adding warmth and beauty to any room it is used in, this timeless option will give your home or office the elegant look it deserves.Tile is perfect for areas that experience higher levels of moisture such as bathrooms and kitchens due to its strength and versatility. Vinyl plank emulates the appearance of wood or stone but at a more affordable cost, while laminate provides lengthy longevity in addition to practicality. An experienced floor installation team can guarantee that your chosen material looks remarkable upon completion when accurately installed.

When picking the right material, it’s essential to collaborate with a respectable flooring company that can present you customization options. You’ll have expert assistance in selecting a color, pattern and texture that will fit your space as well as meet your individual tastes. In addition, they offer design advice so you can create an impressive aesthetic throughout any home or business establishment.

Employing a reputable floor company offers more than just longevity and quality of their products. With an astute installation, you will be blessed with both aesthetic beauty and functional capability that can last for many years. A prestigious provider in San Tan Valley does not cut corners – they use the best materials along with tested processes to guarantee your floors won’t only survive but thrive under pressure from daily wear-and-tear and heavy traffic. Moreover, you are covered by warranty so that any investment into this endeavor is safe guarded as much as possible, granting peace of mind to anyone involved!

If you’re looking to upgrade your floors, don’t hesitate – find a flooring company that values quality and expertise. With our help, you’ll be able to create beautiful floors in your home or business that will last for years with the added bonus of customization options and warranty coverage. By entrusting our professionals with this project, not only will the look and value of your space elevate but also come backed by assurance so you can rest easy knowing they have everything covered! Get started on creating an area that radiates glamour today by contacting our San Tan Valley flooring company right away.


Service Areas

Eagle Flooring Company, a family-run business established in Phoenix AZ 32 years ago, has become one of the most esteemed flooring providers throughout the Valley. Our flagship store remains where our story began – right here in Phoenix – but we have since grown to include San Tan Valley as well. We are proud to extend free estimates for all services provided and proudly serve these following areas:

Benefits of Vinyl Plank Flooring

With its reasonable price tag, extensive selection of colors and styles, as well as a multitude of advantages over other flooring options, it is no surprise that vinyl plank flooring has become one of the most sought-after alternatives for homeowners. Not only does it provide an elegant aesthetic reminiscent to natural wood or stone finishes but also is incredibly easy to maintain!

Vinyl plank flooring is a remarkable option for any space due to its durability, water-resistance and scratch-resistant capabilities. Areas like kitchens, bathrooms and entryways are particularly ideal spaces that can benefit from this kind of material because it stands up to moisture while being able to withstand heavy foot traffic. With vinyl plank flooring you don’t have to worry about compromising your home’s beauty or function; in fact, the quality materials used ensure that your floors look great today as well as many years down the road!

Vinyl plank flooring is convenient to install, and can save you time, money and effort. Unlike natural wood or stone that require intricate tools for installation, construction with vinyl planks requires minimal skill sets and can be set up by almost any professional flooring contractor swiftly. It also comes as a floating floor format which indicates it does not need adhesives or nails when mounting – making it an economical choice accessible to many who may have budgetary constraints!

Vinyl plank flooring is a convenient, sustainable option with numerous advantages over other types of flooring. Not only is it easy to install and highly durable, but many vinyl planks are made from recycled materials which can be repurposed once the product has reached its lifespan. As we strive for more responsible practices that reduce our environmental footprint, choosing products like vinyl plank flooring helps us do just that. Altogether, this makes vinyl plank an unparalleled choice if you’re searching for something unique yet dependable.


Eagle Flooring – Affordable flooring installation in San Tan Valley, AZ

Our Company's Goals and Mission

Need to give your home a makeover? Look no further than the experienced and reliable family-owned business – Eagle Flooring Company in San Tan Valley. For over 32 years, we have been offering professional flooring services at affordable prices for homeowners across San Tan Valley, Arizona and its surrounding areas. We are committed to providing quality service that will exceed all expectations!

Our foremost mission is to expand our reach and provide a more fitting service and access for our customers. As of now, we are centrally located in San Tan Valley, yet we aspire to open other locations close by so that people can easily obtain what they need from us without having to travel too far away. By doing this, our clients will be able to conveniently acquire the products and services that only we can offer them!

At Eagle Flooring Company in San Tan Valley, we take great pride in contributing to the prosperity of our community. Through offering outstanding flooring services, we can improve the look and quality of houses and businesses around us – boosting property values while building a more energetic living environment for all!

Not only do we aim to expand our reach and serve an ever-growing community, but customer service takes center stage in all that we do. Our teams strive to create a personalized experience for each of our customers by being friendly, professional and respectful. We believe this will not only lead to long-term relationships with them, but also gain their trust and loyalty through providing exceptional support services.

Eagle Flooring Company in San Tan Valley is devoted to broadening our reach, helping the community grow and develop, and delivering excellent customer service and satisfaction. Our mission is to provide customers with premier flooring services at reasonable prices. We are looking forward to being part of Goodyear Arizona’s growth for many years ahead!

dark brown vinyl plank flooring

Top Reasons to Remodel Your Bathroom

Searching for an excuse to give your bathroom a much needed makeover? Look no further – refurbishing your lavatory can improve its functionality, coziness, and aesthetics while also boosting the worth of your home. So why not go ahead with it? Here are some of the convincing reasons to remodel:

  1. Reinvigorate your bathroom by remodeling it. Over time, bathrooms can become outdated and cramped, leading to an inconvenient experience when trying to use them. Fortunately, a remodel is the perfect solution that will provide you with more space-saving solutions for better functionality such as adding storage compartments or replacing obsolete fixtures so you make the most of your current area!
  2. Comfort and Relaxation: Another great reason to remodel your bathroom is for enhanced comfort levels. An intelligently designed bathroom should be a soothing, refreshing place where you can just take some time off and pamper yourself. A bathroom renovation could give you features like a spa-like shower experience, an indulgent bathtub or even heated floors – all of which will transform your lavatory into the calming sanctuary it deserves to be!
  3. Boost your resale value: Remodeling a bathroom is not only aesthetically pleasing, but it can also increase the worth of your property. Modern and well-crafted bathrooms are often attractive to potential buyers; hence, remodeling yours could lead to a higher re-sale price for when you decide to sell in the future. Additionally, even if you have no plans of selling anytime soon, investing in this renovation will be beneficial as it adds longterm monetary value!
  4. Invest in remodeling your bathroom now to benefit from huge energy saving potentials! Older bathrooms are quite ignorant of the ever-growing demand for efficiency and cost more than necessary, due to outdated fixtures and appliances that consume an excessive amount of water and energy. A modern revamp can help you replace these with low-flow toilets, showerheads, LED lighting solutions, as well as a tankless water heater – all resulting in lower bills while simultaneously reducing your carbon footprint.

Eagle Flooring Company San Tan Valley – a local, family owned business

Story of Eagle Flooring Company

Chris and Andrea, a young couple with an indomitable passion for creating exquisite yet practical spaces, established Eagle Flooring Company over 32 years ago in Philadelphia. With Chris’s carpentry and installation experience as well as Andrea’s design background combined with her motherly instinct – the duo took their small business to Phoenix Arizona.

Chris and Andrea began their business with a modest operation- Chris leading his installation crews and Andrea overseeing design, sales, and bookkeeping. From their humble showroom in Phoenix, they offered exceptional flooring services at an affordable price; word of this soon spread around the area. As their company soared in popularity beyond expectations, they had to relocate to bigger premises – now providing superior services across all areas surrounding Phoenix!

For many years, Eagle Flooring Company has been a reputable and esteemed name in San Tan Valley. Chris and Andrea’s sons, Chris Jr and Peter are now part of the business, dedicating themselves to continuing their parents’ legacy by offering top-notch flooring options for locals.

Eagle Flooring Company, a family-owned business in San Tan Valley, is renowned for their high quality yet affordable flooring services. Owners Chris and Andrea’s ambition to craft stunning yet useful spaces have been instrumental to Eagle Flooring Company’s success over the years. The company has continuously upheld excellence as its core value ever since it was established.

When to consider installing New Flooring in your Home

Asking yourself when to upgrade the flooring in your home? It’s time to consider a new installation if you’re noticing any of these signs!

  • Your current flooring is showing signs of age, causing your home to appear tired and unappealing. Invest in new, modern floors today for an upgraded look that will impress visitors!
  • If you’re looking to get the most out of your home, consider enhancing its value prior to listing it for sale.
  • If you have just renovated or remodeled your home, why not complete the look by refreshing the floors with a modern new design that will perfectly match your updated style?
  • Congratulations! You have just acquired your dream home, and now it’s time to bring that vision of perfection to life. Replace the outdated or damaged flooring with something modern and stylish – something that will make you proud every time you step through the door.
  • If you or a family member suffer from allergies, installing hypoallergenic flooring is the best way to ensure improved indoor air quality and comfort.
  • Maximize acoustic comfort and minimize disruptive noise levels with sound-absorbing flooring.
  • By investing in energy-saving insulating flooring, you can bring your home to the next level of efficiency and comfort.

As you contemplate the perfect flooring for your home, there is a plethora of options to select from. Hardwood flooring, carpet, tiles and vinyl are all very popular choices – each with their own set of pros and cons. It’s essential that you keep in mind your budget, the style of your living space as well as how it will fit into your lifestyle when making this decision.

When selecting the perfect flooring for your San Tan Valley home, consider consulting with a professional in the field. They can provide you with informed guidance based on your individual needs and preferences to ensure that you have floors that bring out its beauty while standing up against wear and tear over time. With their help, finding quality materials at an excellent price is easier than ever!